and I want to welcome you to! I am what would be considered a "serial entrepreneur", meaning I have multiple businesses. I decided to keep them all on one platform to keep it simple for my many customers.

Just a little about me... I first STARTED my professional hair career at the age of 19 at Margaret's hair academy in Monticello, Arkansas. I obtained my cosmetology license in 2015 and have been apart of salon teams and have also worked in AND my own before relocating to Texas. 

Specializing in my own unique method of Natural Linked Rows Extensions and continually researching additional forms of semi-permanent, non-surgical hair replacement, I offer solutions of beautiful, seamless, natural human hair extensions for women who struggle with fine, thinning hair, or hair that has been chemically or mechanically damaged. I'm mostly known for the most seamless, most natural-looking hair extensions on the planet! Whatever you want- I got! (dear McCoy)

In February of 2018 I started my weight gaining journey, where I found the fastest weight gaining solution ever! I gained 21 pounds in 14 days. I also wanted to help others like myself that wanted to gain weight rapidly but didn't have the resources. In October 2018 is when I launched "Gain More Weight."

Since launching "Gain More Weight", in my first 6 months of business, I have brought in a lot of money and I also help others do the same with Coy's Room Business Consulting. 

So Coy's Room came about because I was one girl with millions of ideas and needed to place them all in one setting <3

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